Abarth 595C, Citroën DS3, MINI Roadster - Great pleasure in the small convertible

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    Because we always dream of great happiness, we forget to learn the little one. We find it so easily and affordable with Citroën DS3 convertible, Abarth 595C and Mini Roadster.

    When we finally forget where we going, and when we should get there, the tour amused us twice as much. A casual attitude to deadlines and navigation instructions will result with these three convertibles to the real target - if the journey is the destination. Wolkenverkrusteten in Stuttgart, we just decided that we should go in the sun again. Exactly: now.

    Full article - Abarth 595C, Citroën DS3, Mini Roadster im Fahrbericht - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT

    You'll want to view this in Chrome and let Google translate from the German

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