ABF Performance Road Tour Visits Dallas Fort Worth Area

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    This past weekend the ABF Performance Road Tour rolled into the D/FW area. The purpose of the tour is to highlight the MINI to those unfamiliar with the marque. Many local S2000, Evo and STI owners were on hand to try out a MINI. The ABF crew was augmented by a group from Yokohama.

    The format was very relaxed, after a short orientation it was off the cars. The first lap of the well laid our course is driven by an ABF driver to show course. Lone Star Park was the venue where a fairly open course was laid out. Leveraging the slight elevation changes the course had a mix of corner types including a few challenging chicanes. After the orientation lap one swapped seats with the ABF driver to drive the course. Two laps per driver was the norm. These were about 45 seconds and all second gear stuff allowing one to focus on the handling prowess of the MINI.

    Most of the MINIs were equipped with an Auto Transmission and at first blush that sounds disappointing to those of that desire a bit more control. However, due to the well thought out course layout the fact you are driving an auto is not a factor. All of the MINI are S models with a manual JCW in the mix for those that sprung for the VIP level.

    I started in a Clubman that was quite a hoot to drive. Sporting the Yokohama runflats the clubbie was easily toss-able. The little bit of extra weight in the rear helps to rotate the car. Could the clubbie be the hot AutoX setup?

    After the Clubman I drove a Neova AD08 shod MINI. Those are some fun tires and will probably be my next set once the current Parada Spec 2's are worn.

    I had a chance to speak to a lot of the non-MINI owners. Most everyone of them was quite surprised at how much fun a MINI can be. Everyone of them exited the cars with a big smile and praise for the MINI.


    Having attended many ride and drive programs I went to this one a little jaded expecting to be fed the MINI pablum, big crowds and a very controlled driving experience. This was nothing at all like that. Of course safety is paramount but we were allowed to push the cars as hard as we desired. The marketing was low key and most of all, the staff was very friendly and outgoing.

    If the ABF Performance Road Tour comes to your area do not hesitate, go, and bring a bunch a non-MINI owning friends.

    More info can be found at ABF Performance LLC - Tour Dates 2009-2010

    A big thanks to Hubie and his crew for fun event, no attitudes and in general being a very friendly bunch.

    Photos by wjhmh
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    I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The chance to be coached by some really pro drivers was unique.

    I am looking forward to doing it again in Houston -- April 17th & 18th at Sam Houston Raceway Park (Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8 near 249)
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    It was great meeting you guys face to face :) Look forward to Houston...:Thumbsup:

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