Engine Drivetrain 2nd Gen S Advice needed...turbo, manifold repair

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by texasmontego, Oct 29, 2012.

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    After a long weekend of working on my 2007 searching for oil leaks and removing parts, i find myself in a hold pattern while waiting for new parts to arrive. The leaks I've found are the oil pan and the turbo oil line.
    I figured since my car has 76k miles and i'm this far into it, i may as well update all the seals to take me another 76k miles.
    I have the turbo removed completely and i'm going to replace the turbo oil line with the one from Detroit Tuned as well as all the remaining connections at the turbo and the return line.

    My problem is this. The manifold is still on the car and it was near impossible to get the turbo off. What is the best method for reinstallation? I assume i have to remove the manifold and reinstall the turbo/manifold as one unit. Correct me if im wrong.

    Any advise for installing the manifold/turbo unit? Some of the bolts seem impossible to reach. Should i install the downpipe before the turbo?

    Any advise would be helpful.
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    The turbo can be installed on the manifold while on the vehicle, it's not easy, but can be done. One tip for reinstalling the downpipe to the mounted turbo, replace the studs with the latest version. At least one stud is shorter making a bit easier.

    This will add cost to the job, because the gasket and probably manifold studs & nuts will need replacing, but it's not a bad idea to remove the manifold for inspection. Manifold cracks are possible. Installing the turbo on the manifold and bolting both to the head as a unit allows use of a torque wrench on the hard to reach fasteners and overall the installation is a bit less bothersome. The studs may need replacing because the early model manifold nuts have a tendency to seize on the studs. Take a close look at the turbo donut also, if it's deteriorated, replace it too.

    New nut on the right.

    Manifold crack.

    Have a good look at your downpipe for cracks also.

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