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    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. We’ve got some more news for you. Without further ado, here it comes…

    The Club is trying something new this year. We’re working on an iPhone app that will help keep attendees informed of what is happening during AMVIV (No, sorry, no Droid app - maybe next year). You’ll be able to look at the events on the go, keep track of which events you plan to attend, and see what other's are up to at AMVIV. The app will be set to feed information from Facebook and from Twitter as well as our website, so if you do tweet about AMVIV be sure to include the has tag #amviv in your tweets. We’re finalizing the first version of the app, and will let everyone know when it’s available.

    Want to hear some more about AMVIV? This week, we were interviewed by the guys with White Roof Radio – please check out Woofcast #372 to hear some of what we’ve got brewing: Woofcast #372 | - The MINI Cooper Podcast

    Remember that special Station Casinos had recently – the infamous $100 gift certificate for $50? Well, I want to tell you about We Luv Locals. It’s a website Station Casinos put together, which gives those folks that sign up access to some of the best deals in Vegas. Just go to that website: We Love Locals - Las Vegas Coupons, Free Deals and Locals Discounts | Home Page and sign up to get exclusive offers directly to your Inbox, offers that will help you save some cash during your pending visit to Sin City. Here’s a link to the We Luv Locals FAQ if you have questions. They cycle a new deal at least weekly, maybe that gift card deal will come back around again.

    Hope everyone is getting their travel plans together. Time is wasting away, and May is coming soon. Remember, online registration for AMVIV8 is set to g o up to $30 on April. Head on over to A MINI Vacation in Vegas » Sign-Up and get registered!

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