AMVIV X Calling All Artists!

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    It's that time to submit designs for the art contest.

    Rules and Requirements:
    1. Art deadline will be January 30, 2013 for all submittals.
    2. Submit all artwork to [email protected].
    3. All art should be editable, layered format (Photoshop PSD’s).
    4. Winning design becomes property of the Sin City Mini Club.
    5. Sin City Mini Club reserves the right to modify the winning design as necessary for layout and printing needs.
    6. Following designs shall be submitted:
    a. One design for the back of the T-Shirt (this may also be used on the electronic event information).
    b. T-Shirt design elements:
    i. “AMVIV Xâ€
    ii. “MAY 15 - 19THâ€
    iii. “Hosted by Sin City Mini Club"
    iv. Your signature or logo incorporated into the design.
    v. Limit to 4 colors. White and Black are each count as a color.​
    c. One smaller design for the front of the T-Shirt, (elements may be incorporated into the event grille badge.) You may include "AMVIV X" in the design.
    d. One small design for the hat front, (elements may be incorporated into the event grille badge.) Hats are embroidered so avoid fine lines and small details against other colors. The event name and date are embroidered on the sides of the hat and do not need to be included in your creation for the hat.
    e. One small design for the grille badge.​
    7. The dates should be incorporated into the design on the back of the shirt.

    The Prize:
    1. One each event shirt, volunteer shirt, hat and grille badge.
    2. Free registration to AMVIV X
    3. One free night at the host hotel.

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