AMVIV X is get'n dirty with VORE!

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    We have teamed up with VORE (Vegas Off Road Experience) to offer all attendees and friends an adventure during AMVIV that is defiantly NOT NORMAL!! We had the opportunity to meet up with the VORE team for a brief introduction and let me tell you that they marry pleasure with white knuckle thrills! The off-road race-ready trucks were built to fly, and the track they provide offers several jumps, banked hairpin turns and a table top you won’t want to miss (literally)! So if your looking for something EXTREME, here you!

    These vehicles are hard-core machines that love to get dirty. Most of us enjoy the way our cars stick to the curves, well maybe it’s time to let it go and slide a bit. Catch some air and get dirty! If you’re coming to AMVIV to get a true Vacation experience, then consider this little adventure. You get the opportunity to drive a tricked-out off-road race truck on the dirt course for 5 laps! (If you catch air, the boys at VORE would like to honor your mad skills with a victory lap). This tour is normally $395 but will be discounted for AMVIV attendees and friends to $99 per person. It's on Thursday May 16th between 11 and 6ish. Call Dave or Dwight direct at 702-622-7770 x1 or email at [email protected] or [email protected] to schedule your laps! MENTION AMVIV MAY 16TH space is limited!!

    Also, If you are a gun loving MINI enthusiast that wants to cool down from the rage of flying in a truck then you can walk up the hill and check out the gun range!! Some of us won’t judge you by the size of your guns, just the accuracy of your shot.. B.Y.O.G. (BRING YOUR OWN GUN) and enjoy the facility for $20!


    Individuals or Groups up to 10 people: 1 hour with 3 different guns with 150 rounds of ammo = $200 (lots of hand guns, machine guns and rifles to choose from). Or GO BIG (we know, this goes against the grain. but it will be okay, we promise) and fire the 50 caliber sniper rifle = $200 per hour plus $5 per bullet.

    To Book:
    Dave Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE)
    Office Phone: (702) 622-7770 x1
    website: www.vore.come
    mail: [email protected] [email protected]

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