Andy Wilman, the executive producer of Top Gear, offers his thoughts

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    From Top Gear: the motoring show in quotes (by the producer) - Telegraph

    1. “I don’t think anyone realises how much work goes into making these three look like f---wits.â€

    2. “We’re pretty shocking at the discipline of brainstorming, it’s actually a bit of a mess. People probably think we operate like a newspaper and have editorial conferences all the time and we don’t.â€

    3. “In the early days, the films were simpler. In series three, we did loads of road tests, now I think, we could knock them off in a minute.â€

    4. “The presenters will do anything we find funny. When we were testing the Range Rover Evoque in Death Valley, we thought right we’ve got to chauffeur someone. So I said, ‘Let’s try and get a wild animal, one of those big Bengal tigers.’ It didn’t happen in the end but we’d gone through with all the planning. I said, ‘You can’t have any wire mesh or anything James. You like cats… you don’t mind, do you?’ And he was going, ‘Yes, I like the idea of a big tiger, sounds good.’â€

    5. “There’s many a time the presenters have come up with stuff in the bar on their shoots.â€

    6. “Not everybody on the show likes every film. Richard’s race with the snowmobile guys, for example. Jeremy will go: ‘I’m not mad on those kinds of films any more.’ But a lot of the viewers are, so we go, ‘Yeah, but you’re not watching.’â€

    7. “That phrase Jeremy uses, ‘how hard can it be?’ It really is like that in the office. We’ll go, ‘It’s got to be a day’s job,’ and it isn’t.â€

    8. "The budgets for the first couple of series were terrible. We couldn’t afford a guest so we did a montage."

    9. “The three presenters are only together in the same room a couple of times before we start filming. But they’re together for a month on Top Gear Live so they’re fed up of each other by the time we get to the end of that.â€

    10. “After Richard’s crash, the BBC said, don’t film for a bit. A couple of the bigwigs came down. We said, ‘we need to get filming.’ They said, ‘So what’s the first film? We said it’s the high-speed run in the Bugatti Veyron (top speed 253mph).â€

    11. “When we went to Bolivia, we went with a two page treatment. And came back with hundreds of pages of them jabbering away.â€

    12. “I bet we’ve put less than ten days extra on all the shoots we’ve ever done. It takes a massive storm in Sweden or broken vehicles in Bolivia. Because we must bring it back.â€

    13. “A BBC telling off is so complicated. You get an angry email, people telling you that someone else was cross and then someone else was cross. Finally you might get called to a meeting, where I come up with ideas like, why don’t we stop all daytime telly and just put Westerns on? Then they go, ‘Get out.’â€

    14. “I think we went through our little crisis about two years ago when I did that blog [responding to criticism of the show]. I think we’dst done that art gallery film, which was utter dogs---e.â€

    15. “We shoot in HD, but we’re blessed because nobody expects the presenters to look good.â€

    16. “We’re trying to build a flying car, but it costs too much money, so we’ve shelved that twice now.â€
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