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    The Waco Run is back for 2010 and better than ever! What? How could anyone improve on what is already an excellent time? By creating a website that is specifically designed to host all information and discussions for the event!

    This year, the Waco run will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2011.
    Please click on over to the new site to learn all about it and sign-up.

    For those of you who are new to Metroplex MINI, the Waco Run is a driving event that usually happens on the first Saturday following Christmas. Are you going to have 15 out-of-town relatives staying with you in your 1 bedroom apartment? Plan to celebrate a bit too much for New Years? The Waco Run is the way to recharge your soul.

    We gather in Burleson, TX, a bit south of Fort Worth for an optional breakfast. Afterwards, we get organized and enjoy a spirited drive through twisty country roads on our way down to lunch in Waco, TX.

    This is no longer an official Metroplex MINI club event, but years ago, this was my first event as a MINI owner... the first time I really 'got it' and understood what this little car and the MINI community would bring to my life.

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