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    We've got a revised schedule up, with a more detailed timeline for those of you trying to plan your days. Go check it out!

    We've added a Slots tournament for those folks that always arrive early ~ Wednesday night. Our Poker Tournament will be on Friday afternoon. More details will follow later.

    We've got 61 people registered for the Dam tour so far. Remember, the tour can hold as many people as would like to sign up; but you MUST pre-register! If you don't register for the tour before online registration closes, you won't be able to go.

    About the Dam tour. It's a chartered Dam tour on a set schedule. We will start gathering at 10:30am on Thursday morning. The bus will leave the Palace Station parking lot at 11am. If you are registered on the tour and do not board the bus at the appointed time, you will miss it AND the tour. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly.

    The Poker Run will be run a little differently this year. Instead of starting at The Palace at a preset time, and going to a preset list of places to pick up cards - we'll be doing something different. This time, we'll be giving participants a list of questions to answer. These questions will require participants to drive around the Las Vegas Valley to find the answers. Completed lists will be turned in and cards will be handed out on Saturday. Each correct answer will award the participants a card. More complete instructions will be handed out later.

    We will also be hosting a scavenger hunt of sorts. This hunt will most likely require the use of a camera and access to a Flickr account. It's also guaranteed to get you out there exploring Las Vegas. Again, more details will be made available later.

    Oh and did we mention there will be kegs of Guinness at the Vendor Mixer aka 'Mayhem' on Friday night after the Las Vegas Strip Cruise? Just making sure you're paying attention. Speaking of vendors, if you're hoping to see your favorite MINI Vendors at AMVIV, but don't see them on our list yet, give them a holler.

    Don't forget... to make your hotel reservations at Palace Station and get your discount, use this link.

    To buy swag from previous AMVIV events, use this link.

    To register for AMVIV, use this link.

    And, to get your vendors signed up, tell them to use this link.

    That's all for now. See you in May!
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    Do you have to be registerd for "AMVIV" event before you can get the hotel discount or can you make reservations and use the hotel discount, check in, and register for AMVIV the day of the event?

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