Audi may bring MINI fighter A1 to America

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    Audi maybring its subcompact A1 hatchback to the U.S. According to Bloomberg, the A1 would make its way to America to provide a subcompact luxury competitor to the MINI Cooper sometime after the tiny Audi is released in Europe in 2010.

    The A1 would give consumers shopping for a compact luxury car a more adult alternative to the funky MINI Cooper. The Audi A1 will have Audi’s corporate grill, and a five door configuration like the the A3. The A1’s extra doors should help swing customers away from the MINI, which is only available with three doors.

    Bringing the A1 to America is part of Audi’s plan to beat BMW and Mercedes-Benz in all world markets by 2015. The have their work cut out for them, Audi’s plans for the next few years include breaking past the 100,000 units sold per year mark in America, where BMW currently sells more than 250,000 units each year.

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