Pre Migration Badge Collectors Rejoice!

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    Motoring Alliance is proud to open the next in the growing feature list for this site, a ShowCase for Grille Badges.

    You will now find under the UserCP "My Badges" where you can display and give details about your Grille Badge collection. There is room to display 25 badges and for those that need more I'll be creating Badge Whore group. Just PM me when you run out of space.

    These are searchable and browseable. You will notice a new link in the Nav Bar labeled ShowCase. Click on ShowCase and select Browse or Search.

    I'll even extend the sticker giveaway to those that add badges. Enter 10 to qualify. Send me a PM when complete and a sticker will be in the mail.

    Thanks to Miska for assisting in testing this new tool.

    Coming soon, Garage type space where you can showoff that MINI...Looking for beta testers for that as well. Please PM me.

    Thanks for your continuing support of Motoring Alliance.

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