BBS unique 17"x7" RZ open 5 spoke, $900

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    These fantastic wheels are very rarely seen on a Mini. They are true BBS wheels, and not the cheaper common OEM/factory variety. Their open spoke design is visually attractive, allows for ample brake airflow, and is easy to clean. The offset (ET 37) is such that the wheels and tires are nicely flush with the outside of the fenders (see link for photo details). I believe these were only sold in Europe and not in the US, but I'm not positive of that. Web searches on these mostly show up outside the US.

    Will ship as long as buyer pays the actual expense.

    Wheels only without TPMS sensors. The wheel weight is just under 20 pounds each.

    There are a few minor wear marks on a couple of edges which are more "debris marks" than curb rash. The photos highlight these more that the eye sees. I'd be glad to take more photos and even video if this is a concern.

    Shown on my car with stock suspension (no additional camber), no wheel spacers, with 215/45R17 tires. These wheels include hub-centric wheel spacers which ensure that the weight of the vehicle rides on the hub and not just the lugs. Standard/stock wheel lugs work fine with these wheels.

    Many more photos can be seen at BBS_wheels Photos by tw_clayton | Photobucket

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