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Discussion in 'MINI' started by vetsvette, Nov 8, 2017.

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    On the off chance anyones interested. Sneed4Speed (S4S) has one billet aluminum shift knob left for 75% off list price. I just bought the next to the last one. The only thing wrong is the machinist put the set screw out of alignment with the SNEED trademark. Not a bad deal, $306.50 knob for $76.62!!! If you decide to order use coupon code BLEM75 for the discount. This is less than half what I paid for my Delrin version. I've had the Delrin knobs on my R56 and now my F56. After I swap mine I'll have a Delrin (knurled) knob for sale too. I'm not making anything off this, just wanted to pass on a good deal to someone. Pretty sure these fit 2nd and 3rd Gen cars.


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