Black Friday the WMW Way

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    Way Motor Works 2011 Black Friday special will be FREE shipping in the contiguous 48 US states on all orders totaling $200 or more. Additionally, we'll randomly mark down different items over the next four days. We won't publish those marked down items in advance, but trust us that the discounts will be worth it. Some items will be marked down as much as $50, and a few items that are not normally on our website that will be listed for 4 days ONLY.

    Use coupon code : family when you place your order to have discount applied.

    On a side note, WMW thinks that the whole idea of Black Friday goes against the spirit of the season, which should be about family and friends, not silly sales and malls. We offer these Black Friday specials as a way to remain competitive in the current economy as we are a small business.

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