MINI Bought a mini sight unseen. What do I check?

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  1. Ancly

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    Nov 25, 2021
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    Just paid for a 2006 mini from a friend who's wife has just had a brand spanking mini delivered.

    98k, a few owners, some history, years MOT.

    Apparently it's a first gen registered a bit late. From what I've found here I worked out what I'm buying!

    Are there common faults to look for when it arrives? It's recently had a water pump and rad. Hope the head is ok.i know some of the older BMWs warped the head at the slightest hint of overheating.
    I've had lots of proper minis (in fact I have one rusting on the drive) but this is a different beast.

    Hi anyway.
  2. Ancly

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    Nov 25, 2021
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    Two sunroofs!

    Little crunch into reverse. Common? Clutch, 4th then crunch. Had that on other cars over the years.
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    Welcome to MA! First if By proper you mean classic mini you can send it to me I will be glad to take care of it for you.

    Check the front control arm bushings. Do this by kicking the front of the tire if it moves back any they need to be replaced. The stock ones go bad in about 35,000 miles. Replace them with PowerFlex bushings they will last the life of the car.
    Some times the low speed fan resistor goes bad on the radiator fan.
    Make sure there is no water pooling in the battery box in the back. If you have an S. If there is water, it is coming from the rubber grommet on the windshield wiper. Also make sure no water is coming in through the tail lights.
    Check the crank pulley for cracks in the rubber. If that rubber lets go bad things happen. I replaced mine with a ATI pulley.
    Is this Mini a S? If so replace the supercharger belt, tensioner, and idler pulley. You may want to service the SC oil also
    They can have a lot of little oil leaks most are easy to fix.
    the power steering hoses leak because of the crappy clamps mini uses.
    You said it makes a little crunch noise going into revers and 4th. This is not normal. The clutch slave cylinder could be going bad. They are really prone to failed. Easy to change a pain to bleed. More on that if it needs changing.
    If it’s the clutch, get rid of that stupid duel mass flywheel and replace the clutch with a Valeo kit.

    post some pictures of your Mini. Also where on the globe do you live? I am going to guess UK.
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    Welcome to Motoring Alliance
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    Jul 24, 2019
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    That sounds like a fun purchase for you!

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