Brakeman BBK and M7 DFIC, sold the mini :(

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    1) Brakeman BBK - front calipers, tophats, rotors, pads, rear tophats and pads, and braided lines. The tophats on the rear are good, but the rotors are pretty shot. The front rotors are new and were safety wired by brakeman! fresh set of blue pads front and rear, and basically a fantastic kit at almost half the price! $1,295

    2) DFIC - take a look at the pic, pretty self explanitory; intercooler, scoop, baby scoop, and heat shield. $595

    prices are plus shipping... email me if you have any questions, and parts will go to the first person who puts the money in my paypal account: email me for my paypal address: [email protected] (it's different).
    dfic-1.jpg brakes.jpg

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