Brakeman BBK - the ultimate stopping power!

Discussion in '1st Generation Parts For Sale' started by Enjoytheride, Jun 14, 2014.

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    So you've got power, but can you stop that little beast?

    Up for sale, Brakeman BBK - front calipers, tophats, rotors, pads, rear tophats and pads; braided lines all the way around. The tophats on the rear are great, the rotors are pretty shot. The front rotors are new and were safety wired by brakeman! Also, fresh set of brakeman blue pads front and rear.

    If you're familiar with this kit, you know it's absolutely the best for the track, but also an awesome BBK for the street. Hands down the best stopping power on the market with no brake fade on the track - or so I've read on numerous reviews; never got to personally use them on the track before I sold the car. Furthermore, I have them listed at nearly half the price of what all this would cost you new! $1,295 - shipped!

    Feel free to call, email, or text me if you're seriously interested! danny (at), or eight, six, four, 477, nine, eight, six, six


    brakeman1.jpg brakeman2.jpg
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    WOW ! That's a great deal for anyone looking for the BEST BBK. Forget JCW Brembo's, Willwoods, plain Brembo's because RACE CAR.

    Yes they are that good. I don't need them but damn this is a good deal. Free bump. :Thumbsup:

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