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    You'd think I'd wait to review my new snow tires until I had a chance to try them in some snow, but no. Last year, that would've been...well, never, actually, since we were in Las Vegas during the only accumulating snowfall here. This year may be different, we'll see.

    At any rate, I have my first 300 miles or so on these new snows. Some impressions are:

    they're not noisy, at all.

    they are still runflats, but much smoother riding than the Conti SSR all-seasons that came on the car. It's mostly the initial impact harshness that's improved. That's probably due, in equal parts, to the much larger and softer tread blocks of the tread, along with a bit softer sidewall.

    it definitely steers slower, and isn't as darty-capable as before. Not alarmingly so, at all, just noticable. Feels a bit Buick-like in steering response now, versus before.

    that said, it still seems to stick pretty well, surprisingly so actually.

    Now: just need some snowfall to see if these actually work well in snow, as designed!

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