2nd Gen GP Canadian GP's to be get Number Decals

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    Whether it’s more performance, handling or jealous stares in the streets that you desire, this is one super MINI that won’t disappoint. The “Fastest MINI Ever Built” is in production and the first 20 of 50 units have landed on Canadian soil.

    With a growing “pre-sold” order bank there are many anxious GP customers patiently awaiting the delivery of their MINI JCW GP. Please find below updates on the processing of this unique and exclusive special edition.

    Unique “# of 50”decals are being produced by the same supplier of the factory graphics to ensure perfect colour and quality matching. To expedite the delivery of those units currently on ground:

    • These confirmed sold units will be shipped via rail and held at regional rail yards
    • The Decals for these vehicles will be sent to Retailers directly with application templates and detailed application instructions
    • Vehicles will be delivered to dealerships at the same time as the decals – ETA Feb 22nd
    • All remaining (non sold and future production) units will have decals applied at Port in Halifax and will then be shipped directly to your dealerships.

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