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    Update: List of volunteers thus far:

    (NAM)Smurfette26 + Husband - vote counting only
    (NAM)pm-belgium (Phil and Mike) - vote counting only? Depends on timing, I suppose.
    I have 4 volunteers from Sunshine MINIs (My home club), and I think they're all in for parking and vote counts if needed.
    I'd like to have 6 people to help park, as I have a certain plan in my head. Right next to the cobwebs.

    Hello all,

    OK, this post should about double my post count here on MA. But hopefully, most of you know me from many Dragons past anyhow. I just wanted to do a little promotion for the annual MOTD Car Show (sponsored by OutMotoring), and ask for some volunteers. I'd like to get a little help parking the entrants' cars, as we're going to try to park similar models together for easier comparison. I'd also like to find 1-2 people to help count the votes in a timely manner. (Unlike last year, when I tried to go it solo, then panicked & was rescued by Xiek and MiniSandPirate.)

    If I can find maybe 2 parking volunteers that can show up at the ball field by 12:30-1:00pm, that would be fabulous. If those folks want to stick around & count ballots, that'd be awesome, but I'm not going to be choosy since this is a volunteer request.

    As for the car show itself, we have expanded the number of categories. We did have to cut back from 3 to 2 trophies in the limited classes in order to keep things sane, but there will be more trophies awarded overall. All of the info is HERE on Snooter's MOTD web site, and the basic text of that page would look something like this if I cut & pasted it here...

    Date: Friday - April 29th 2011
    Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    Location: The Baseball Field at Fontana Village
    Cost: FREE !!!
    Your Host: and Bill (aka :BillTheCat)

    So, you want to see how your MINI/Mini stacks up to the competition?
    Or maybe you just want to spend the afternoon drooling over some incredible MINIs?
    Either way, this is the Event for YOU!!!!

    And just like last year, YOU get to be the judge!
    Just stop by the registration table on the ballfield, pick up a ballot and vote for your favorites.

    If you plan to enter the show, feel free to arrive early to choose a prime parking spot and do your final detail touch-ups. We plan to begin parking entrants no later than 1PM.

    VOTING will begin at 2:00pm sharp and end at 3:30pm sharp.
    Trophies will be handed out as soon as the votes are counted.
    We changing it up this year and adding some new prize categories.​

    Model-specific categories: Voters will vote for ONE MINI/Mini in each of these categories:

    1st/2nd place MKI Hardtop (2002-2006)
    1st/2nd MKII Hardtop (2007-)
    1st/2nd MKI Ragtop (2005-2007)
    1st/2nd MKII Ragtop (200:cool:
    1st Clubman
    1st Countryman
    1st Classic Mini

    Open Categories: Voters must vote for 5 different MINIs / Minis in these categories:

    Bling King (Best use of chrome/bling - which MINI would "Fitty Cent" take home?)
    Ninja Warrior (Best stealth/blackout mods- which MINI is ready for 007, Jason Bourne, or maybe Chuck to sneak about in?)
    Dirty Dog (Which MINI/Mini needs a bath worse than the rest?)
    Costume Queen (Which MINI/Mini has the best temporary decorations)
    Fine China (Which engine bay would you eat from?)

    And finally: Any MINI/Mini is eligible for an additional vote in this category

    Best of Show (Best overall MINI/Mini, regardless of model or vintage)

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