Car Show! Need judges and volunteers.

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    Hello all,

    BillTheCat is back on Car Show duty this year. I don't know if that is a good thing or not, but it is the way of things. :cornut:

    I need to solicit volunteers to help park cars, distribute ballots & entry placards, count votes, and possibly work a popcorn machine.

    I would like volunteers to arrive by 1:00 for the 2:00 show start, as entrants will want to arrive early to park & shine/prep. I would be tickled pink if I got 6-8 people to commit. Can probably get by OK with as few as 4, but it might be tough during peak parking time.


    I have decided to shake things up a little bit. In my previous car shows, the ballot counting was overwhelming, and I wanted to streamline that a bit. Towards that end, some of the categories will be voted upon by judges, and the rest will be voted on by the general public.

    I am looking for 5 VERY honest and trustworthy people from DIFFERENT states & clubs to act as judges for the MINI Class categories (Hardtop, Cabrio, Clubman, Countryman, Coupe, Roadster, Paceman, and Classic Mini). Qualifications:

    1- The ability to honestly turn off your personal attachment to friends, clubs, regions, etc. and vote without bias.

    2- Good knowledge of MINI Cooper models, options, mods, etc.

    3- 2+ hours of free time on Saturday, May 3 from 1pm-4pm. Show is 2p-4p, but I would like judges there early to get familiar with the process as I see it, and I may also put you to work parking cars. lol

    Please reply here or PM me if you like. And feel free to nominate someone you know as a judge, as long as you provide me clear contact info for them.

    PLEASE be clear if you are offering yourself as a VOLUNTEER or a JUDGE (or both) when replying to this thread or contacting me.


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    Bill, I'll help with judging. I can't be down on the show field till after registration is complete on Saturday. Probably around 1ish after cleanup and all.

    To be clear, offering myself a JUDGE.


    Umm..Nevermind. I was reminded by the Snooter I have a previous engagement during that time. Sorry about that, I cannot be a JUDGE.
  3. BillTheCat

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    Tease. :fingerscrossed:
  4. Mr. Jim

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    Hey Bill, I may be able to help judge. It's a little to early to tell right now but I'll let you know soon. I am the Head Concourse Judge for the National TR6/TR250 Car Club, so I've got a little experience ;-)

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