Carbon Blasting, Decals, & Dragons..oh my.

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    Detroit Tuned has bought a carbon blast machine to help service our customers better. We saw the need for this machine due to all the cars needing this service, it just took a very long time for the machine to get to us. We have a few cars under our belt and are spreading the word that this is a service we now offer. Read all about it on our website.

    Also we are expanding our website many MINI Lifestyle items that people love so much. We started cutting decals in some of the popular ones we see on our local customers cars. If there is something you want made, or in a different color, just let us know and we can get it cut in a day. These are very nicely priced and come with FREE shipping!

    Last but not least..The Dragon. We leave in just under 76 days and it will be here before you know it. If you want to pick up a part or have it installed there, we need to start thinking about it. We will have a lot on hand, but want to make sure we have enough items on hand for everyone. It's also time to start booking time slots and services, as well getting excited for the Brew Swap on Friday Night! Get your waiver in early! This year we will have the very popular pint glasses again, as well as key chain bottle openers in several colors, but this year we are also going to have beer can koozies in an assortment of colors & prints! So make sure you get this limited run item!

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