Pre Migration Change Made to Image Handling in Posts

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    I have instituted a change as to the manner images are handled in posts.

    To prevent large images from throwing the layout out of whack there has always been an image resize tool in place. Previously this showed a bar across the top of the resized image to click for the full size version. This would open up the image to it's full size within the post. If an image was rather large it would make it difficult to go back to the smaller version and continue on reading the post or thread.

    The change made removed the bar from the image. To view the full size version simply click on an image. It will open in a LyteBox screen. If the post has multiple images they are navigable within the pop-up LyteBox screen.

    I think this is for the better as the display is cleaner without the bar over the images and the previous resizing of large image handling quirks.

    Thos change does effect the way linkable images in signatures work. To allow the image in a signature to be linked it will now need to wrapped in an IMGLINK code. Example below:

     [url=link][imglink]Image URL[/imglink][/url
    There is no button for the IMGLNK code, you will have to add it by hand..

    Your comments are always appreciated.

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