clutch slave cylinder failures

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    Jul 6, 2014
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    04 Mini non S. Multiple clutch slave cylinder failures.

    ET Tuning of Union Mo swapped out Midland for Getrag 6 speed in fall of 2012. Parts from Mini Mania and California junk yard they work with. Ran good for 15,000 miles or a little less than a year. Then the slave cylinder failures. ET Tuning replaced 2 of them with problems bleeding the slave cylinder along with master cylinder and lines, problem kept occurring. Clutch pedal goes to floor. Had car towed to Mini St Louis. They finally got a slave cylinder to bleed out and work - for a day. Towed back to Mini St Louis. This time they dropped the transmission, found a worn throw out bearing sleeve, replaced it along with slave cylinder,buttoned it up, charge $1800, problem fixed -- for 2 days. Towed back to Mini St Louis, dropped transmission again. Found worn throw out bearing lever bushings, OEM FLYWHEEL WARPED. After those initial miles, only wear on outer edge of flywheel, inner circle still had machining marks. Mini St Louis Replaced slave cylinder #6 or 8, throw out bearing,lever and bushings, flywheel,clutch disc and plate, shift cables. Declared tested and fixed. Still had scratch in fourth gear, but ran and shifted --- for three days. Charge $2365. Current date July 6, 2014. This has been going on since Oct 2013.

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