2nd Gen R60 Countryman CM SAll4 2013 Alarm System Poltergeist

Discussion in '2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61' started by xeres, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Okay, I've had my car about three weeks now. The only issue is the alarm system (it came with the City Package). While parked in the garage, my husband said the alarm went off by itself while I was at work (I walk to work). I was a bit skeptical as he was notorious for setting off the New Beetle's alarm -- somehow his key in his pocket would trip the panic button. Sure enough, the alarm went off while we were walking around the car (rear and front). Neither one of us touched the car. We are light on our feet, and twice it went off. Windows up, nothing inside the car, nothing moving. It hasn't done this since.

    Yesterday we were at the dealer for the post-purchase-how's-everything-going visit. The car was parked right out in front of the dealership, in plain view of all three of us. We mentioned the alarm system incident. He was surprised. Then less than 5 minutes later, the alarm went off (lights flash, beeping). He & DH noticed a Harley drove by at the same time. He promptly recommended a service visit.

    Is there a known issue with the alarm system sensitivity? or wiring? or poltergeists? Other than this, the car has been a delight.
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    I don't know of any, but it is October.

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