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    I have read on some threads about changing the coding to alter certain settings such as:

    eading through threads I found the following:

    I did not know that all the annoying electronic functions could be customized with a <$30 dollar wire and the instructions posted in the Electrical forum here on NAM. I was able to resolve all the little things that bothered me by coding the options the way I like them. A sample:

    - One touch sunroof open and close from the overhead cabin switch instead of having to hold it.
    - Hold Unlock on the remote to open windows and tilt sunroof from a distance. Hold lock on the remote to close all.
    - Disable constant chiming - from the driver/passenger seat belts, on start up, on door open, when the temperature falls to 37 degrees. So peaceful now! I always wear my seat belt, but in some situations I want to not have it on right away! I also don't need my car to yell at me every time the temperature drops which always makes me think something is wrong for a second.
    - Turn on the red Heartbeat LED lights on the tach when the car is locked without having to buy an alarm. It looks awesome and is a good deterrent since it looks like an active alarm.
    - Auto door unlock when key is removed from the ignition. Works great with the existing auto locking feature since you don't have to pull on the handle twice.
    - Windows can be operated for about a minute after the key is out of ignition. Some Minis have this turned on at the factory but mine did not.
    - Always show digital speed on the tach like the newer models. This was not an option on my 2009 but now it is.
    - Disable speed overestimation so the speedo is more accurate.
    - Enable a setting so that opening a door will not interrupt a window from rolling up.
    - Enable a different pattern for hazard lights - it's a cool looking double blink now.
    - Disable auto A/C Engagement When Pressing the Auto Button. How annoying is this in the winter? However, it will now retain the settings before you turn the Auto climate system off, so if the AC was on it will come back the next time Auto is pressed and if it was off it will stay off.
    - I don't have the Nav, but it allows you to get rid of the Nav system warning which would be great for those that have it.

    Has anyone in the area played with this coding stuff at all?

    Did it work?

    Any side effects?

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