3rd Gen F56 Cooper S Comfort Access Thoughts

Discussion in '3rd Generation: 2014+ F54, F55, F56, F57, F60' started by Zazoh, Mar 22, 2017.

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    I didn't build my car, there was one on the lot close enough to what I wanted. It came with Comfort Access.

    The option is $250 to add. For those considering it, I rarely use it. In fact, there is a very limited use case for it.

    At night, most of us would rather hit the unlock button on the key fob so the lights and puddle lights come on.

    When you have more than one person with you, it is often more convenient, to unlock the car door, before stepping up to the door handle.

    In addition, I rarely lock the door using the comfort feature. Similarly to the above, if I'm not the only one in the car, I'd have to wait at the door to use it, instead of just pressing the key fob button as I'm walking away.

    Might be better to get some stripes or mirror caps with the $250. :donut1:
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    Yeah, I'm barely adjusting to having a remote key fob.
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    I had the same kind of thing on my Volvo XC70. I loved it. One difference is that I did not have to press the button on the door handle to unlock the door -- just to lock it. All I had to do to unlock my door was reach for the handle, and open the door. If other people were with me, I would just use the fob remote to unlock all the doors. No big deal.

    I rent a lot of cars from Hertz, and many are Nissans. Their system makes you use the fob remote to unlock the doors, but not to start the car. So, you have to pull the fob out of your pocket, find the right button (in the dark), and unlock the door. Then, you can put the remote back in your pocket to start the car. WTF? Go all the way, or don't bother, IMO.

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    I've just bought a 2015 last Saturday. It doesn't have comfort access and I really miss it. I have a '13 and a '14 with comfort access and as caseydog said, "I love it". I never have to take my key fob out of my pocket with them and I've reached for the boot release or the door at least a dozen times in the past 3 days before I remembered the fob in my pocket. Each to his own, as they say!

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