Cool Diagnostic Software for all new MINIs!

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    Hi all, FES is carrying the Bavarian Technic diagnostic software. The base version will do up to three different VINs, and talks to all the subsystems of the car. So you can get trouble codes from more than just the emissions stuff like the OBD-II tools give you. You can clear and reset the codes as well! Clear that pesky airbag light! Find the problematic wheel speed sensor. But when I was using it today, I found what is by far my favorite feature: you can change the service count and interval!
    So you can shorten the time the car thinks it will take to get to an oil change or whatever without incrementing the counter! The possibilities are endless. Check out this video!

    $286.95 Order Here!

    There's a "professional" version as well that has no VIN limits, and an added feature of a "command console" where you can send values to the car. Includes the standard OBD-II to early BMW round diagnostic converter cable.

    $734.95 Order Link Coming Soon.

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