CowaLUNGa 2009 Charity Bike Tour

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    Aug 6, 2009
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    It’s that time of year again! Thank you to everyone who contributed last year. With your donations and the flea market we hosted at Wolff’s (AllState Arena), I was able to raise over $1,500! That placed me in the top 20 of individual fundraisers. I hope I can repeat the effort and continue to help the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

    Besides riding in memory of my parents, I also hope that my efforts help to educate the youth and help them understand the results of smoking and their overall lung health.

    This year we, Twisted Spokes, plan to raise money 3 ways;

    1. Straight Donation - Click on the link below to access my fundraising webpage.
    The final day to donate is September 4th.

    2. Flea Market - It worked before, so we’re doing it again. So if you cannot make a monetary donation, perhaps there is something you want to get rid of. I will keep an inventory, so if your item sells, you will get credit for it as well as documentation for your taxes. Just let me know, and I will pick up the items, 312.282.0399. We plan to be at Wolff’s Flea Market on Sunday August 23rd.

    3. Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty! - Need I say more? Besides coming to support our cause, help celebrate 2 birthdays; mine and Jeanette’s (Twisted Spoke teammate). Let me know if you are interested and I will send you an evite. Send your requests to [email protected].

    Date: Thursday, August 20, 7:00PM

    Location: Mystic Celt
    3443 N. Soutport Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60657
    Details: $25/Person - 3 Hour Open Bar
    Miller Lite Draft / Domestic Bottles / Wine & Well Drinks / Light Appetizers

    50% of proceeds will got to Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

    Lastly, just for my CMMC friends, for every $5 you donate to CowaLUNGa, you will be entered in a raffle. This year I am offering 3 prizes;
    1. $75 RIDEMAKERZ RIDEMONEY CARD - Generously donated by our friends at RIDEMAKERZ!
    2. A Dragon Emblem - Perfect for future and veteran dragon slayers of Minis on the Dragon!
    3. $50

    Thanks for reading!
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    My work will match my donation, but it will be later in the year when they pay out.

    No raffle for me please, but thanks for offering.

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