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    Hello and Welcome to 2015! It seems like January was just here and yet we are now heading into March! 2014 was a good year for DT with new products and expanding the web site with detailed how-to's for the do-it-your-self customers as well as our great tool rental program.

    We wanted to highlight several new items and some updated items on our website that we think will help with several problems that the MINIs are having. We are working on assembling more kits that make sense like our very popular Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Super Kit. This kit has everything you will need while in there fixing the oil line leak complete with directions! These up coming kits will make it easier for the customer, not only in cost, but also making sure they have all the parts needed to do the job correctly.

    One new highlight is that we are now cryogenically treating all chains, tensioners, bolts, and sprockets in all of our timing chain kits. We also reviewed costs and have adjusted prices to reflect as shown in a new lower price. The cryogenic “heat treating†process is where the material is cooled to approximately −185°C (−301°F) with the use of liquid nitrogen. This increases the amount of martensite in the steel's crystalline structure, increasing its strength and hardness, which in turn will not allow the chain to stretch or the tensioner to fail as quickly, if ever. This keeps your engine in time better as well as quieter. We feel the chain stretch on all the generation 2 cars is really playing havoc on most the N14 motors, causing a lot of people some big repair bills. Only time will tell if this is a permanent fix, but we have had great luck with cryo'd rotors and heat build up (cracking), as well as motorcycle chains, so we feel that for the extra few bucks it's well worth it. If anyone ever needs a part cryo'd just let us know, as we have a shop right down the road that does a good job and for a great cost. Any cryogenically treated part will last longer. We started doing spark plugs on our cars and found it really helped with the heat on track days. We just finished building the shop cars engine and we cryo'd EVERYTHING! Come see it at the DRAGON!

    Speaking of the Dragon....we are going to be there again like always, installing parts and happiness, as well as talking about MINI's. If you wanted us to do some work down there hit us up via email at [email protected] or give us a call (586)792-MINI to book time and parts. We always bring a wide array of parts, but to make sure we have enough let us know what you want to have installed. We always book up fast, so the sooner we know the better! And don't for get about the Detroit Tuned Beer Swap! We will be ordering pint glasses soon so make sure you get us your waiver early to avoid the line!

    We are slowly getting all of the new F56 parts onto the website, but so everyone knows, we started stocking the Craven Intake as well as the NM ENG rear sway bar, also the MINI headlight and taillight black out rings and more! Give us a call with your needs.

    We are also working on bringing lower prices and new parts to the website, like the Strut Mounts that fail on the 1st gen cars and the Water Pumps on the 2nd gen cars. We also started to stock all the Victor Reinz Seal kits. So whether you need one gasket or a whole kit, we can get you what you need.

    Our newest part, that is going to be available very soon is the Detroit Tuned Turbo Inlet Flange. This item will press onto the turbo compressor inlet and allow you to use a stock or aftermarket intake hose and will prevent it from coming off. You just remove the stock factory rubber insert from inside your intake tube, for most applications, and put your hose over this new flange that will allow for a hose clamp to have a nipple to actually tighten up against and prevent the intake tube to come off of the turbo. If you need to remove it, just undo the clamp and remove like stock, the DT Turbo Inlet Flange will stay pressed in place on the turbo. If using an aftermarket tube, you just push on and off, but again, you now have a nipple in place for the clamp to not allow it to slide off. Final pricing and instructions are coming soon, but overall cost is going to be low and we are thinking of anodizing them red... what do you think? Let us know via email [email protected] SEE PHOTO BELOW.

    We are also now entering into the forced induction rebuild game. We were getting such crap quality and service from the company we were using for our SC rebuilds, that we started doing it ourselves! We were also having such a hard time finding stock turbos to do basic replacements at a fair cost, that we started to rebuild them as well! So first, our superchargers come with all new gears in the water pump drive area, with a new & improved tooth design, then hardened so they can run on almost no fluid. We are also replacing all of the bearings and seals, as well as a new designed bearing capture for the rear gear bearing & newly designed rear seal that was failing so badly (see photos on the web site). To top it all off, we are using a better than stock oil. They come with a 2 year unlimited miles warranty, that we feel confident you will never have to use! We will also be adding a go-fast option to the superchargers down the road, once we get a stockpile of units on hand. We already have a new design that is going into testing here very soon that should be super cool, make more power and 100% bolt on with no mods to the car (tuning recommended). There are pics in our Instagram feed..hint hint (we [​IMG]to post spy shots there!). The turbos are just starting to roll out, so there is not much to say about them yet, but it's a stock replacement that comes with the same warranty as our superchargers, prices and the web page is coming soon. We have one at the shop if you need something in a pinch, give us a call!


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