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    We now have a solution to Sea Foam the N18 MINI Cooper S's! We had the regional Sea Foam rep in yesterday and learned all about this new product. It takes one can per car and the how-to directions are on this web page with photos. Very easy!
    Sea Foam Spray N18 MINI Cooper S


    Here we are in the middle of June and it finally is starting to get warm. The shop has been booked solid for weeks and it's hard to find time to add our web site updates like we like but we are working hard to keep up. We are working on a build for our “Shop Car” as well. If you need some help this summer with a hard to find part, give us a call!

    Here are some of the new web items!

    South Bend Clutch

    F56 Oil Filter

    ATI Damper Bolts

    Hella Horns

    Spare Tire Bag

    Countryman Spare Tire Bag

    Don't forget to get your spare tire before MTTS!

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