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    DIMPLE® Motor Oil Magnets from North Carolina introduces the most advanced drain plugs ever offered to the public.

    The new Mini Cooper plugs SS M14X1.5 and the SS M16X1.5 1st. and 2nd. Gen, respectably are unique in that they do not require a replaceable gasket, do not leak and will not vibrate loose.
    They use a 15 degree sealing cone,not unlike the older Ford spark plugs, that seals with the pan with an O Ring back up. The quality of the plug is aerospace quality with a low profile magnet for ease of installation.
    The SS M16X1.5 now uses a larger diameter magnet (7/16") because the 16mm plug is larger and we can fit a larger magnet.
    We are ever ready to improve our quality, so all the SS styles are now fitted with the recently manufacturable N45SH magnets which are 16% more powerful than the N42SH fitted previously.

    revisit our site and order one......your Mini will love you back 100 fold.:Thumbsup:

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