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    In my excitement to install the anti-reflective lenses for my Gen 1 Justacooper that I received from FES (superfast shipping & very well-packed...thanks!) :Thumbsup:, I somehow managed to lose 4 screws:

    I did the installation during lunch, so I unplugged the tach AND removed it from the steering column so that I could work on it at my desk.

    Somewhere...somehow...the screw gnomes got ahold of the two screws that hold the tach to the steering column, as well as the two screws on the back of the tach. :crazy:

    The local dealership doesn't have any in stock and won't have any until next week. :incazzato:

    The rattling & movement are driving me even

    Would anyone be so kind as to provide the dimensions of those screws, it would be oh-so-greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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