Drove up to Dundee, Michigan today......

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by moreorless, Dec 4, 2010.

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    And visited the Cabela's Store for the very first time. Me and Mrs. Moreorless and the MINI.

    Wow! What a store. Figured out right away that one day was not enough to wander the entire store. Least ways for the very first time. We left hours later and there was still a bunch of store to see.

    Had to take a number if you wanted to see a firearm behind or in the counters.

    Never heard of such thing.

    Been wearing old and or borrowed camo the last month or so for hunting. But I scored some sweet deals on realtree scentlock outerwear.

    They have this room called the "Bargain Cave". You can save some serious money in there.

    But the Gun Library was the place to spend a lot of time in. Fine, used firearms. Brownings, Winchester '94s, Wilson Combat 1911s, Merkels and even a Searcy in .500 NE. WOW!

    If you've been there before, what was your impression?


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