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    Welcome to fall! As it gets colder out our cars get faster because the intercooler is working better, but maybe the car is feeling a little bit sloppy? It is time to look at control arm bushings and other mounts in the car. It could be time for some Powerflex bushing inserts or even a new motor mount. Don't worry, Detroit Tuned has all of the parts you need in stock. Not only that but we are a full service shop so we can answer any install question you might have, or if what your looking at is even what you need to fix what is wrong. We also try really hard to keep our prices low for you the customer. Shop around and you will find that we are cheaper than many others and only charge actual shipping.

    We are always updating the web page and made lots of changes to the brands page as of late. Next we will work on getting up some other parts missing from the site. We carry the full NM Engineering line, Craven Speed line-up, M7...and many other. The newest line of items that we carry is Gates. We have always carried their belts, but have expanded it to several other of thier items like, the tensioner, water pumps and new rack and pinon rebuild kit for all gen 1 cars. Look for these items on the web page very soon. We are constantly expanding our MINI line up and have been stocking many of the new GP parts like seat belts, underbody trays, and rear diffusers. If you ever need any MINI part that you don't see, just give us a call!

    We also have a 4 page spread in the new MINImate magazine! The only problem, it is in Japanese, but it's very colorful! If you happen to be able read it, check it out! We hope to have a PDF up on our site soon!

    Thank's, Happy Fall, and stop into the shop any time!

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