2019 East Meets West Mini Meet 2019

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    Minis Of The Rockies is hosting this years combined East Meets West Mini Meet.
    The event dates are June, 24th - 28th (Registration/Check in on the 24th and closing with an Awards Banquet on the evening of the 28th and check out, the morning of the 29th).
    Event location is Snowmass Village, Colorado (Snowmass/Aspen)
    Our host hotel is the Westin Snowmass Resort.

    This event is open to All Minis and variants (Classic Mini and variants, New Mini and variants), along with the BMC ADO16 and variants.
    We realize that there are many Mini/MINI events scheduled for 2019 throughout the year and spread across the North American Continent and even in the Rocky Mountain Region. With that said, we hope to see you in June for this years Mini Meet, East Meets West.


    member, Minis Of The Rockies and the planning committee for East Meets West Mini Meet 2019

    Event website and other links.
    East Meets West Mini Meet 2019 website

    Minis Of The Rockies

    Note: the following information is from the MiniMania website

    A little back history of the Mini Meet in North America. The first Mini Meet was in 1973 and became known as Mini Meet West after the first Mini Meet East in 1975. The first East Meets West Mini Meet was held in 1984 and have been held every five years since offsetting Mini Meet West and Mini Meet East.

    National Mini Meets

    East Meets West or West Meets East Meets

    1984 July - The 1st “national” U.S. Mini Meet, “East Meets West,” was held the 2nd - 6th in Denver, Colorado.

    1989 July - The 2nd “national” Mini Meet was held on the 3rd – 6th in Denver, Colorado.

    1994 June - The 3rd “national” Mini Meet was held the 14th – 16th in Grand Island, Nebraska.

    1999 July - The 4th “national” Mini Meet was held the 3rd – 5th in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    2004 June - The 5th “national” Mini Meet was held on the 29th – July 1st in Rockford, Illinois.

    2009 June - The 6th “national” Mini Meet was held the 29th - July 2nd at Winona, Minnesota.

    2014 July - The 7th "national" Mini Meet was held the 2nd - 6th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    2019 June- The 8th "national Mini Meet - June, 24th - 28th in Snowmass Village, Colorado.
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    I already have my hotel room reservation and have sent in my $$$$, see you in the Rockies this summer. Hoping to have my Innocenti done in time, if not I'll bring my Racing Green instead.
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    Great place to hold an event!
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    That sounds like a good time and thanks for posting it.
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    Wish I could go!
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    Where will MMEMW Minis/MINIs be parked? Together? Security? Parking cost? (Summer Parking is Free, though Westin Hotel site says $20/day offsite)

    Looking at almost $1,200 Canadian for Meet Reggie & Hotel...straws break backs.

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