Email Alerts - How Do I Subscribe to a Thread and Receive E-Mail Alerts

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    One of the beauties of the software the Motoring Alliance is based around is the ability to Subscribe to a Thread. Optionally you can opt to have email alerts sent to your registered e-mail address when a new post is added.

    Subscribe to a Thread...

    In the header bar for each thread you will find a drop down labeled Thread Tools.


    Click on Thread Tools to reveal the items in the drop down list. Select Subscribe to this Thread.


    A new screen will be displayed with Subscription options.


    The Notification Type drop down has several options. You can choose from the following:


    • No email notification - Notifications will only be displayed in the Subscribed Threads listing found in the UserCP (note:will create a post on how to use that soon)
    • Instant Notification by email - Sends an email to the registered email address as soon as the thread has a new post, could be quite annoying for a very active tread.
    • Daily updates by email - Once a day will send an email listing all subscribed threads that have been updated in the past 24 hours.
    • Weekly updates by email - Once a week will send an email listing all subscribed threads that have been updated in the past week.

    If you have multiple folders to save subscription notifications use the drop down for Folder: to select.

    Click on Add Subscription to save.
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    Is there any way in the CP Panel of having a default option to either enable or disable email notification as a default. Right now the default is not to subscribe and for a specific thread you can manually subscribe. However if you post or create a thread is there a way of setting up a default to behavior to automatically be notified?
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    Just opt to have all subscribed threads send an email notification.

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