Enkei RPF1 & Nitto NT01 Track Wheel Set for Sale Like NEW! - No Longer Available

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    Enkei RPF1 & Nitto NT01 Track Wheel Set for Sale Like NEW!

    I have a set of four Enkei RPF1 wheels for sale wrapped in Nitto NT01 tires. The wheels are practically new. They are in fantastic condition. There is a minor amount of curb rash on two of the wheels on the very edge near the tire. It's hard to tell it's even there since the wheels are painted silver. Comes with center caps (not shown).

    The tires have about 30 miles on them. Full tread depth shown (7/64").

    This is the perfect 17" super sticky street and track wheel and tire set. They are super light, incredibly sticky, last long, and you can drive them in the wet if needed. The holes are drilled at 14mm so they will fit the 1st generation and 2nd generation MINI.

    NOTE: This set does NOT come with TPMS sensors

    Wheels specs:

    Make: Enkei
    Model: RPF1
    Size: 17" x 7"
    Offset: +43mm
    Backspacing: 5.59"
    Bolt Pattern: 4x100mm
    Weight: 14.6 lbs

    Tire specs:

    Nitto NT01
    Size: 215/45/R17
    Treadwear: 100

    If you were to buy these wheels and tires new, you'd be looking at $230 per wheel and depending on the dealer about $175 per tire. Don't forget about $60 total for mounting and balancing. It's all here. You'd be looking somewhere around $1680 + tax!! This is the best set of wheels and tires on the market hands down. At $1250 this is a great steal! If you want a stickier tire, you're looking at a Hoosier R6 or A6. Much more expensive and you burn through rubber fast. On top of that, you cannot run them on the street.

    Why the sale you say? MINI is going to be on the market soon and the wheels need to be go. Bigger announcement on the car soon.

    Will accept payment via PayPal or Cashier's Check.

    List Date: 8/10/2013

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Enkei RPF1 & Nitto NT01 Track Wheel Set for Sale Like NEW!
    This item is no longer available.








  2. Dave.0

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    Great tires and rim deal someone should grab these.
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    I agree with Dave, good deal and lots of life left in the rubber. Any wanna be track junkies should jump on these. Some of the best wheels for track events/AutoX too.
  4. beaner

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    i'll bump this. I think it is a great deal. do we not have track rats here?
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    +1, great deal on a great setup.

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