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Discussion in 'MINI News and Articles' started by Nathan, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Here's my take on MINs thoughts. They want more sales. Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure that out. When they came out with the Countryman, I figured okay, lets go a bit bigger. It seems to be a positive move. I think they misread to success of the Countryman. Then along came the Paceman. While a neat vehicle, I didn't really figure out the niche it was aimed at.

    Then a along comes the Coupe and the Roadster. Neat cars, I agree, but I think they're dividing up the pie too much and basically stealing customers from other models within MINI as opposed to attracting significant numbers of new buyers. Thereby diluting sales for the Coupe, Paceman and Roadster.

    MINI isn't Chevrolet. They don't offer something for everyone. Maybe that's why Porsche doesn't make a pick up. Porsche is an enthusiast marque. So is MINI. MINI should continue listening to it's customers. How many of us, percentage wise, buy additional MINIs? Don't forget the girl you brought to the dance. You tried rolling out additional models. You built a lot of cars, but at the expense of total overall sales. NOW, you're trying to make your models more "mainstream". Again, that isn't what MINI is about. Stay MINI. It's bad enough they've made a ugly ass grille opening, much like everyone elses offerings. Keep what you brought you success.
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    Porsche probably isn't the best example, it actually legitimizes what the MINI brand is doing.. It wasn't that long ago when the Cayenne came out, and it was considered sacrilege. Now the Cayenne and Macan are Porsche's biggest sellers; the enthusiast marque is a distant second and falling further beyhind...

    One could say MINI is taking a page from Porsche's playbook.
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    Clubman unveiling

    I attended the 2015 MINI Invasion in Ottawa last weekend and we were allowed to view two new Clubman, a non-S and an S. However, we were not allowed to take in cell phones of cameras as they "held" them for us before we went in.

    Initial impressions, yeah it's bigger but build quality and materials are so much nicer and quite frankly, it's gorgeous! The S was deep burgundy, white top and a dark blue leather interior. Dash and console were more mainstream and seating was tight, for me (6'1, 250lbs), as the seats had deep bolsters. I had some trouble getting in the doors as they are not as wide as a two door. The roof is actually lower than a 2dr hardtop.

    The rear is controversial...some liked it, others did not...let's just say, Baby got back!

    Yes, it is getting away from MINI-ism but there will definitely be a market for it, particularly for young families. I will have to wait until I can driveone to form a conclusion. Price point is supposed to be around $24-$25k for the non-S
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    I loved my 2006 MCS Cabrio. However, once I had to start pouring money into maintaining it this past year I didn't love it as much.

    Now I have a 2015 JCW hardtop. The ride is great and there are more toys in it, but I liked the body of the 2006 much better. The dimples on the hood on the inner side of the headlights made that 2006 front end so much sweeter looking. It had character the new one lacks. And I liked the smaller body as far as looks went too.

    I also like the supercharger more than the turbo. While the new one has more HP and is plenty fast, there was something about the feel of the acceleration of the 2006 with the supercharger I just miss.
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    Sad :nonod:
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    Sounds like a bit of an identity crisis on the marketing side, and maybe the product development side. Its sad to see some of the things that make my Roadster unique going away, I love the quirkiness but I can also see why they would do a couple of them (the switches) while I don't really eat or drink in my car, I have been know to pick up a coffee to have when I get where I'm going or if on a long road trip, and while I love the quirkiness of the placement of the window switches if you get anything other then a small you can't operate them. So I can see moving them. I really don't get why they would kill the center speedo, it is quirky and gives the car personality, and they already had a small digital one in the tach anyway, which I have to admit I use most, so it fell right where most people are used to. That I don't see why they could not just keep that set up as is. (especially since if you have the infotainment stuff when you set the car to metric it will make the digital speedo go to Kilometers per hour, which I think is even better then a regular speedo as it tells you on the dot what your speed is, no guessing)

    I do see though were they are coming from with the new Clubman, it is to go after someone that has a young family. the big question is did they get the handling right. But it dose allow people that want a fun small car with personality to get introduced into the family. Who then will be more likely to buy a regular MINI when they no longer have to fairy the kids around.
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    They're chasing JD Power initial quality survey ratings and sales numbers... it's a shame.

    I'm excited for the Clubman, as it's certainly a 'different' way to do a people mover/family car while eschewing the traditional CUV route. But, there's no escaping the fact that it's bloody huge and it's blurring the lines even further.

    Ultimately, the new Clubman and next Countryman together should allow for the 2-door and 4-door hardtops to become a little more pure, and hopefully stay the same size (or perhaps shrink a hair, especially in weight) for the next generation. There's no reason why they need to grow any further than they already have.
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    I hope you're right; if it works out that way it would go a long way to improving the brand.

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