F/S: Used LOW Mileage OEM Front Upper Strut Mounts and R50 Amber side markers

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    First off, I have a pair (driver and passanger side) OEM Front Upper Strut Mounts. I bought these new when I installed my KW V2 Coilovers. At the time, I fixed my slight mushrooming, installed the KW's, new upper mounts, and Craven Strut top defenders.

    I have since removed the KW's (and sold them), the buyer didn't want the Upper Strut mounts, so I am throwing them up for sale. I can get the ACTUAL mileage on them (because I keep a running log of everything I install and what mileage), but they have under 2500 miles on them.

    New they are $87/each plus shipping from Waymotorworks.

    Asking $100 SHIPPED for the pair.

    IMG_5355.jpg IMG_5356.jpg IMG_5357.jpg IMG_5358.jpg IMG_5359.jpg

    Also I have a set of Amber Side Marker lenses from an R50. Decided to go a different route. They are in great condition, no blemishes, no crackes, etc.

    Asking $18 shipped.

    IMG_5361.jpg IMG_5362.jpg

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