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    Hi everyone.

    Not much 5280 activity on M/A in this club area.

    We have new officers this year and they are concentrating activity on the FB areas.

    Lots of drives and activities, we have had 3 great newsletters so far this year, very well done.

    In 2016, there will not be a MITM in August, it will resume in 2017 at Snowmass.

    The reason for the skip is MTTS which MINI5280 will be supporting with a big gathering in Cheyenne, Wyoming with the Northern Colorado/Wyoming Club MINI-COW.

    I have heard the dealers will be doing some good stuff up in Cheyenne, but do not quote me on that.

    I know a number of folks from MINI5280 will be in Cheyenne, a few will be going coast to coast and many will be doing multi-city drives from Sturgis, SD to UTAH and beyond.

    I hope Chris Chappell, MINI5280 club President will stop by and update folks as time permits.

    Otherwise, see FB/MINI5280 Conversations and/or FB/MINI5280 Drives for current activity and events.


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