Interior 1st Gen FES Shift Light Review.

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    Yesterday I put in the shift light that I got as part of my AMVIV trip. I wanted it for on track use to smooth out my shift points since I found myself bouncing of the limiter quiet regularly. Once the supercharger noise gets going with other cars around you and the windows open it can be hard to hear the engine. So I figured every little bit helps.

    The install was pretty simple. The instructions were right on the money. All in all taking it slow and having to take out the seat to run the gear dependent wire took about an hour or so. Ran a few tests on a "closed public road" and it works as advertised.

    The good:

    The light colors and duration can be adjusted. I still have to play with it. Right now it is set with about 400 rpm range from warning to alarm. I might widen the range just so the light stays on a little longer.

    You can save and upload different programs. I am thinking one for track, one for street. If one was inclined you could probably set one up for gas mileage. I remember a study back in the day that showed that drivers that had upshift lights in their cars ended up getting better gas mileage.

    Gear dependent shift points. I really like that feature. Allows you to set your shift points for each gear. I like to shift a little earlier in the RMP range from 1st to 2nd. A little later 2-3 and later still 3-4. This unit fits the bill perfectly.

    The bad (or more accurately not so good):

    No driver support for Win 7 64 bit. Not sure about Window 7 32 bit, I don't have one running. No support for Macs.

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