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    Prefixes are a helpful feature used here. There’s a good chance you haven’t come across them yet and we know they’ll be more useful if you understand how they work.

    Here is a quick video showing it in action. Below is a detailed summary (thanks Steve!)


    The tools you’re likely already familiar with that most resemble prefixes are probably tags and filters. We use tags here as well and prefixes are used to filter. Since you likely already know about tags, let’s compare and contrast.


    When you click on a tag, you’ll get a list of everything on the site that uses the same tag, regardless of where it is posted. The list below, the result of clicking the ‘cylinder’ tag on the thread above, is similar to a keyword search result without using the site’s search function.

    tags example 2.JPG

    While clicking on a tag will search the entire site, clicking on a prefix will filter the forum you’re currently in. In other words, click a prefix and the resulting list will include only threads from within that forum.

    Tag <=> global search (site-wide)

    Prefix <=> local filter (within a forum)

    Here’s that first screen cap again. The available prefixes for this forum, listed across the top, are called Filters here because you use them to filter threads within the forum. Though it’s hard to read here, see “Filter based on Prefix” (top, left).

    prefix example 2.JPG

    Clicking on the JCW prefix/filter will result in the list below. Note JCW is now on the Filters line (red arrow) and every thread listed has the JCW prefix.


    Next, click on the Engine & Drivetrain prefix/filter; this is called multi-prefix filtering. You can see below that Engine & Drivetrain is now on the Filters line next to JCW and all the threads have both prefixes.

    You can clear an individual filter by clicking the X next to that filter or clear all the used filters at the same time by clicking the X on the far right (green arrow).

    prefix example 4.JPG

    Please tag and add appropriate prefixes when composing threads.

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