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    I've had this mini for about 3 1/2 years. Bought it stock and ended up putting a lot of money and time into it. I blew the engine in 2018 and had Flow Mini out of Raleigh North Carolina replace it with a brand new engine.

    While they had it they also replaced the thermostat water pump and a few other things. I have the paper work on the new engine that was put in. The engine as of today has about 5000 miles on it.

    The car it self has 65217. As soon as i got it out of the dealer a few weeks later i dropped it of at G3 Auto also out of Raleigh. I had them beef the engine up some so i wouldn't have a another blow out.

    They upgrade the pistons, rings, and lifters. Also port and polished the heads. I have paper work on that also. I have a list of mods not sure if i can remember them all but I'll try. I don't remember the brand of some of things i installed so bare with me.The Car handles like a dream. It is stiff. Handles curves like a race car. The interior is clean. I had the car painted blue with flakes and the roof white with flakes. It sparkles in the sun. Had the car dyno just can't find the paper work with resolutes at the moment.

    Asking price 18,000 obo

    Email [email protected]

    Engine Mods

    G-POP Turbo K03/4 Hybrid turbo, Custom Billet ETT compressor wheel 56mm exducer, 43.3mm inducer size, 28lbs/min flow rating, Turbine wheel 50mm major inducer , 42mm exducer ( All new gaskets )

    Therm o wrap for the trubo

    All forged Hoses (Resonator delete hose,Turbo,Noise maker,and inter cool)

    K&N Air intake

    M7 Oil Catch Can

    Manic Tune With switch Control ( Think there's 4 different tunes i keep it on stage 2)

    Forge Blow Off Vavle

    Aftermarket Headers (Waymotors) (Also new Manifold Gasket)

    Down pipe

    Full Alta exhaust


    Suspension Mods

    KW Coil Overs (The better ones out of the 3 they offer)

    Rear Adjusting Sway Bar

    Rear Adjusting control arms

    Power flex Handling Pack ( Motor mounts, bushings, and more)

    Body Upgrades

    Halo Projector Led ( led bulbs)

    Rear brake lens

    All side markers( Upgraded to clear)

    Blue leds all thru out the interior lights)

    Replaced all chrome trim with black trim


    EBC Slotted front bracket kit ( Pads and Rotors)

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    Nice looking, good after blow up mods, good luck with your sell. I think you are a bit high, even with mods, 2011 MINIs do not sell high.

    What HP do you make with the new engine and the mods? Like the stance of your MINI.
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    Good luck getting 18.
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    Good luck with your sale
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    Nice looking Mini. Good luck
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    Nice looking and good luck with the sale. Would love to hear about the HP your putting down.
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