FREE Lunch At Richard Petty Experience Event - Sponsored by Ferman MINI

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    I'm a couple of days late posting this on here, apologies. My husband and I just bought our first home, and we have no internet. But I heard that there is still some space available for a free lunch being sponsored by Ferman MINI as a part of the Richard Petty driving event during MM7.

    Here's how you can get a free lunch at the Richard Petty Driving Experience on October 1st at 1pm. Due to a generous sponsorship by Ferman MINI, the first 55 people will partake in lunch for free:

    Potato Salad
    Baked Beans
    Soft drinks/water
    And other picnic fixings

    This is a picnic style lunch. Please remember to bring your own blanket for seating. The Petty experience says they only have two picnic tables; which will be used as set up space for the caterer.

    To be one of the first 55 and get on the list, please follow these instructions:

    1) At or after 8 PM (EST) on Thursday 9/1/11, follow this link to a Google Doc made by MINIBee (Thank you!!!)
    2) Fill out the Google Doc with the information needed (once for each person)

    Please don't fill out the form before 8 PM (EST) because it will not count.

    You will be notified via email if you are one of the first 55. For those who aren't on the list, the lunch will be available for $9.00 per person.

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