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    For Sale: Used Blitzsafe XM Tuner Interface and XM Direct Tuner with Terk antenna for Gen 1 MINIs. I don't have any interior in the trackcar any more so don't need these items. (The Blitzsafe sticker says for 03-04 cars, but I had it in my 06 and it worked.)
    If you have a non-DSP factory radio, and don't have a CD changer in the boot, you can use this combo to get SiriusXM radio through your factory headunit. Set up is really easy and should take about 15 (mostly spent hiding the cable to the antenna.)
    In the storage cubby on the right side in the boot are the factory connectors for the CD changer. Plug the Blitzsafe interface into those connectors, and then plug the XM Direct tuner into the interface. Secure with velcro, and you're done. I placed the small antenna behind the antenna base, routed the wire inside the car, then hid it behind the headliner and interior trim to get it down to where the tuner is located. Plug it in, and turn on your stereo. If it's working, you should hear the Sirius XM advertising on channel 1. (Be sure to have a clear line of sight to the southern sky.)
    $50 for the full package, shipped in the US (lower 48). Paypal preferred. PM if interested or questions.

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