FS: N14 Turbo Exhaust Manifold

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    Selling a Cooper S manifold. I planned on porting and ceramic coating this when I did my turbo upgrade, but a couple weeks before I planning on sending it in I found a JCW manifold for less than the porting and coating. So for less hassle I used that manifold instead.

    This is crack free, I checked. Very good unit. I would be sure to clean the mating surfaces before installing since it is a used manifold. I believe according to JMTC if ported the Cooper S moved more air? Not entirely sure on that one.

    Selling for $130 shipped to the contiguous US. PayPal required.




    added link for reference: https://www.minipartsmass.com/parts/index.cfm?searchText=11627597031&make=MINI&action=oePartSearch&siteid=215989

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