FS: R50/R53 Skid Plate by Rennline

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    For Sale: Used aluminum skid plate for Gen 1 MINI with Manual Transmission in excellent condition. This is a great addition to your car if you travel frequently on gravel roads, rally-cross, or the occasional off-track excursion. Not recommended, however, for track use in the summer -- may lead to overheating of your PS pump. Too big to ship (unless you're willing to pay to have the UPS store pack it for you), but I can deliver in the Metro DC/ No VA area. This is $249 new. Asking $150. PM if interested, Paypal preferred.

    From the Rennline Product Description: A lowered ride height is a must for any car used on the track or for performance street driving. The biggest down side to this modification, is ground clearance. Speed bumps, pot holes or the occasional “Off Track†excursion can cause some serious damage to the underside of your car. Rennline Aluminum Skid Plates have been designed to eliminate those concerns. Unlike many skid pans on the market, Rennline's conceal the entire lower engine compartment and are formed so that no edges will get caught on objects when traveling forward, backwards or sideways. All of our skid pans are model specific to give you the ultimate fit and protection. Hardware and installation instructions are included with each pan for a hassle free install.

    Download the instructions from the Rennline website.

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    That oil cut-out is a nice addition! I had a similar plate years back and had to remove the plate for every oil change until I installed a Fumoto oil valve and hose.

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