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    The fake grill on top of the bumper cover has bugged me from the moment I discovered it wasn’t real. A few others have gone before on this fix, Nathan and Lynn (or anyone else) are welcome to post their examples if they feel like it. There are a few things I would do different if I could, I would definitely remove less bumper and bumper cover, and in fact I had planned to, but made a few mistakes that required cover-up cutting. In any case here’s how it went.

    An opening in the back of the bumper

    An opening in the front

    A test fit on the vehicle, note the amount of obstruction the bumper poses for the available space on the left.

    Foam weather seal to fill the gap in front, and hard foam for the rail void to prevent side diversion down the hollow space.

    Three working grills

    Now that it’s done, I’m second-guessing myself on screwing with whatever the design engineers intended when they created that dead space. I just hope it helps the AC do its job.
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    What you're trading

    is improved cooling capacity for increased drag. How much of each, I have no clue....

    Let us all know if you percieve any differences.


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