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    Hi all,

    A very interesting event is coming up in San Jose, on the 18th of May: Future Cars - Future Transportation, sponsored by the Western Automotive Journalists, is an event about the upcoming changes in transportation, some of which are happening now! This event is open to anyone ($35 reg fee, includes lunch and dinner). highlights include:

    • GREEN RACING: The R&D of On- Track Innovation and Fuel Efficiencies
    • FUTURE TRANSIT: A Look Into the Future of Mass and Personal Rapid Transit
    • ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Coming Soon To Your Garage
    There will be a Chevy Volt, a Ford Focus EV, a Mitsubishi iMEV and a Nissan Leaf there. If you're not a media person, you can't drive one of the cars, but if you hunt me down I'd be happy to give you a ride (if the lines aren't too long). The speakers list is long, and covers people from ALMS team owners and drivers to the program manager for the Chevy Volt with lots of others in between. Program details can be found here.

    Come on out and get a glimps of the future! Usually, the cars presented aren't out there for the public to see, but this time you'll be able to get up close and personal!


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